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Enjoy reading a variety of refreshing creations: A humorous traveling adventure; A compelling fictional story about a seafaring

captain's destruction at sea; the continuing adventures of a grandmother who loved children and encouraged them to appreciate

cultural differences, thereby, kindling prejeudice and stamping out hatred among mankind.

His laughter was replaced with defeat as Kabila ran him through with his

blade. As he lay conscious on the floor he said, "Captain, tell my family I

died bravely and with honor." Kabila stared, pointed his sword at Mr. Stiles'

throat, and raised it. With a single stroke, he cut off his head and raised it

to the crowd, who shouted victory....   As I knelt over his body in tears, my

blood dripping into his, I felt a presence and the touch of a warm hand on my

shoulder. When I turned, all I saw was Mr. Hartwig sitting under the tree

many feet away, his head bowed in his hands.....  


Grandma Honey was born in Clarksdale, Mississippi in 1924. She lived to celebrate her 91st

birthday with us. She was excited about this creation, and gave me a huge smile when she

discovered this story was done in her honor. The short-stories of Grandma Honey and the

Chldren of Light will tell of her kindness and love for children and the human race. Although

she's no longer with us, her legacy lives on in the hearts of those who knew her best.


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Come Travel With Me


I heard gun fire, that's when I turned over to see the beast standing over me.

My uncle Jimmie Doris was firing shots repeatedly while closing in on my

position. He had that frontier look on his face, like David Crockett....standing

firm in the face of adversity, kill or be killed. The beast roared for the last time

and fell on me, nearly crushing me to death....