MSK Literary Creations
MSK Literary Creations

A Brief Synopsis of Creations

Come Travel With Me

A light-hearted humorous traveling experience. You will wonder why you're not taking the bus on

your next trip. This story, written in script form, has an element of surprise and sadness. You will

grow to love the characters. This is the first of a collection of stories about traveling experiences

on a bus. I hope you like it.

 Grandma Honey 

The adventures of Grandma Honey was born when a family member referred to my mother as being

sweet as honey. This opinion is universal in my family because of her kind nature, and the love my

mother has for children. As a child, I remember the daily meals she prepared. A large pot of

something was always on the stove. This was done so that all children who came to her door could

get a meal. If the child was hungry, he/she was stuffed like a bird when they left.  She said,

"Children are the light of the world, the rainbow that captures each of us. If a rainbow is

beautiful and something to marvel after, how can God's creation of the human race not be."


Myradous, to the naked eye, is a paradise. A sanctuary of tranquility to relieve complications of life.

The seven men stranded on this island will learn that paradise can't heal their souls. They had

nothing but time to consider their regrets in life. They were brought together for a purpose.

They were destined to board a ship together and die together, but not before discovering their

strengths and weakness and what they failed to appreciate in life from their past discretions.