MSK Literary Creations
MSK Literary Creations






When I look at the image below, I think of so many words to describe this scene....calming,

tranquility, harmony, vitality, paradise, vigorous and relaxing. I'm sure you can think

of a few words yourself. What do you see? I'd like to imagine that the waterfall to your

left is the same waterfall in the story of Myradous where the essence of life is restored, just

by immersing yourself in the stream under this waterfall.


When I begin to write or engage in a creative project, it inspires me to look at a soothing

image. Get yourself a glass of wine or your favorite beverage and sit by a luminous fireplace;

close your eyes and imagine yourself in this stream where it feels like a thousand fingers are

gently massaging your body. Think of something creative you've always wanted to do. Now,

lets get started on that masterpiece.   










Model: Paris Davis Dean