MSK Literary Creations
MSK Literary Creations

People often ask me... I got started as a writer.
 The answer is a long story and almost a book in itself. When I was younger, people thought it was strange that

 I was always reading and writing instead of playing outside with other children. I often thought it was strange

myself the way I could write a twenty-page story in a day, fiction or non-fiction. All it took was one sentence or

a thought, and I would write continuously until the story was developed. In a conversation with my niece just

recently, I come to realize that we are driven in life by the seed that is planted in us. Whatever we are meant to

be in life, no matter how far we venture in other directions, we are always driven back to what we are meant to

do. I didn't choose to be a writer, it chose me. At last, I'm developing the seed that was planted in me long ago.

...what I do when I cannot think of anything.
I'm currently taking care of Grandma Honey. I'm her primary caretaker and love every minute of it. I'm doing my

best to keep her with us until God say it's time for her to go. It seems I never run out of ideas to write about.

Right now, I have five projects I need to edit and download onto my website. I normally write when time allows.

I can create better when I have a calming and relaxing atmosphere.