MSK Literary Creations
MSK Literary Creations

About My Life as a Writer

I became interested in writing at an early age. Since writing has always been a hobby, I often wrote poems and short-stories just to pass the time. I became interested in writing professionally after I wrote a short-story

(Grandma Honey) that had everyone in tears. Although that wasn't my intention, I realized I had the power

to make people laugh, get sad and even cry. That was a wonderful get an emotional reaction

from readers. 


After encouragement from teachers, friends and family, I begin sending my material to publishing companies

to no avail. Publishers wrote that they enjoyed my stories but my material wasn't right for their audience,

or I was asked to resubmit my material at a later date. Just when things couldn't get any worse, my 300 page

novel (Myradous) was lost. It took me a few years to recreate it, but nothing is really as good as the first

creation. By then I had lost all hope of becoming a writer. After attending a book signing of Michael Baisden’s

Never Satisfied, I was encouraged to promote my own writing. He will never know how his words of

encouragement impacted me. So, here it is. I hope you enjoy reading my creations. I am currently working

on the continuing adventures of Grandma Honey, Myradous - Part II and Come Travel With Me.