MSK Literary Creations
MSK Literary Creations

Success Is Not Everything, but It Is Pleasing, Indeed

Special thanks....

A special thanks to Darri'n Deondre Dean, who inspired the name Grandma Honey.

At the age of 5, he said his great grandmother was "as sweet as honey." Thus, the

name Grandma Honey was born and is a tradition in my family.  Grandma Honey was still

with us at the age of 88 when this website was built. She died at the age of 91 still

imaging a world without hatred. She did get a chance to listen to the audio version of

Grandma Honey and The Children of Light. She smiled and smiled for a long time. 

I would like to thank my niece, Paris Davis-Dean for her encouragement. She has always been

an inspiration to me because she has never given up on her dreams. She is currently working

on some projects to show her artistic debut. You can see Paris' powerful performance at the

Apollo Theatre in New York protraying Jane Pittman on Youtube.  Every time I speak with

her she's pushing me forward to succeed. She has a positive energy and I'm certain you will

be hearing a lot from her soon.  Good luck Paris. 

Thanks to my family and friends who had several encouraging comments.

I would also like to thank them for the time spent reading my material.

Thanks Virgie, Shell, Mable and Trisha.